Peyronie’s Disease


Peyronie’s Disease is known from ancient times where the patient develops a bend in the erect penis
Patients tend to avoid seeking attention due to sense of guilt and shame- something like acquiring a sexually transmitted disease which it is not.
This is an acquired disease caused from injury to the penis. Most often the injuries are not well noticed and occur during sexual intercourse. Of course in those cases where intercourse has been very aggressive , it is more likely to develop. What happens here is that a scar develops on the penis which weakens the penile coverings. So when an erection occurs, the penis tends to bend at the position of the scar.

Over time the person begins to notice pain in the penis, appearing on erection. When the penis is flaccid, he feels normal.
Then there is development gradually of a noticeable deflection of the penis. Most often this defection make the penis shaft bend upwards. Rarely, it can cause the penis to bend downwards also.

This deformity can increase progressively with time and cause great penile deformity on erection. Some patients also notice a shortening in the penile length.
Due to these deformities, there is progressive difficulty in achieving penetration during intercourse.

Many patients also develop erectile dysfunction.

As one can imagine , this leads to a lot of psychological stress both to the patient as well as the partner. There is loss of intimacy and often breakdown of sexual relationship
Most often the disease occurs in men in their 50s-60s. It is more common amongst Diabetics .

Many patients take a long time in seeking medical help. This is because of shame , fear or hope that the symptoms are temporary an d will heal with time. However , the disease is progressive and does not have a natural regression.

In early cases there is some symptom relief from medication like Colchicine, Vit E and PABA. There are now reports of good symptom relief with local treatment with a low intensity shock wave(LSWT) . This is similar technology to that used for lithotripsy for kidney stones. It is done in OPD over 12 weeks and is painfree.

In cases with established disease a surgical removal of the scar is needed. When the patient has an associated erectile dysfunction, it can be treated with insertion of penile implant at the same sitting. However the patient needs to be aware that the length of the penile shaft will not increase and may infact reduce after surgery.

So to conclude Peyronie’s disease is treatable with medicines and surgery. The patient can be restored to a normal sexual life and healthy relationship .For more detail visit our website-


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